Welcome to Charlotte Waldmeir's Fundraising Page

Goal: To use the transformative practice of yoga to educate, elevate and empower East Africa 

Method: By Feb. 13th, raise $4,000 through the Africa Yoga Project and travel to Kenya to aid in their mission. 

All donations go directly to the program, separate from my own expenses.

Please read on to learn more about my mission: 

If we’re ever going to witness world peace, it will probably happen when every single person practices yoga. I’m not so naïve to think this will happen tomorrow. But I am convinced by yoga’s transformative power.  I’ve been practicing and teaching yoga for a long time, and I think a lot about a saying by Plutarch:  

“What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.” 

My translation: The world starts with our own inner selves. In a way, we paint our experience with a brush dipped in our own character. Inner conflict, depression, self-doubt, anger — all of these personal burdens affect the outside world and the reality that everyone lives in.

And that’s where yoga comes in.

When you walk into a yoga studio you instantly dedicate yourself to inner peace. You remove disturbances and listen to your own breath. You focus on the truth of your senses and ignore your thoughts. Breathing through challenging postures, you practice patience, self-awareness, and compassion. Your newfound peace then radiates to those around you, creating genuine connections and a universal peace. 

Whether you are someone working a stressful downtown job in Chicago or you are a displaced refugee in Africa, yoga speaks a universal language that benefits everyone that comes across its path. I have seen what yoga can do for my community and I am excited to share this positive force for other communities through the Africa Yoga Project.  In the spirit of the above ideas, The Africa Yoga Project is dedicated to transforming the direction of East Africa through the power of yoga, educating thousands and employing dozens of local citizens (and counting). The spread of yoga in East Africa has given rise to the added benefits of stronger communities and new lines of communication in a place and time that is sorely needed.

Your donation will help Africa Yoga Project continue to empower and enlighten people of all walks of life across East Africa. Thank you for any support you can give to this amazing project!

With gratitude,