Gita McGilloway's Fundraising Page

Join me in supporting a truly unique, forward thinking and inspiring movement.

What makes Africa Yoga Project so special?

      The tool for change – yoga

      The way it’s taught – yoga taught to Kenyans by Kenyans

      The outcome - peace, unity, love and healing

Why this matters:
The missing link in most international development work is attention to the intangible needs of an individual – the heart. Some programs give micro-loans; others give water; still others teach vocational skills. All of this is critical, but we are collectively overlooking an important piece of the puzzle – the holistic needs of the individual (body, mind, spirit).

The Challenge: this July I will be packing my bags and heading with Africa Yoga Project to Kenya to immerse myself if this amazing work. Thanks to dear friends and family, we have raised more than $6,800 for this incredible cause - thank you so much!

If you too would like to support this great effort, please do so by donating from this page. Good karma and a BIG thank you from me awaits! I'll also be contributing all proceeds from my teaching practice to AYP in the coming year.

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What your money will do: your contribution will help Africa Yoga Project (AYP) continue its amazing programs, including employing 38 trained Kenyan yoga teachers to continue providing 200 free classes a week to 3,000 Kenyans. AYP focuses on serving disadvantaged populations first – targeting people with HIV/AIDS, displaced families and now the deaf.

Gita’s Story: Yoga has brought empowerment, peace, insight and love into my life in ways I could have never imagined. Like many people, I came to the mat in need of healing and what I found was that and so much more. I’ve learned to bring breath, awareness and kindness into uncomfortable and challenging moments on and off the mat.

With nearly 10 years of nonprofit work from behind a desk, it’s time for me to take this challenge and give my heart to people in need. I will be using the skills I’ve learned in my career, but I will also be sharing the love I’ve found through yoga. One translation of Yoga is ‘union’ – through this project I have the privilege of ‘uniting’ my passion with my skills.

In gratitude and love Namaste

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