I'm Danielle and I am a stand for Africa Yoga Project.
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I'm Danielle and I am a stand for Africa Yoga Project.

I have been banging on an African drum for over 7 years - I don't know the REAL way to play it, I have never really learned the different strokes or notes or the terminology, but I have always felt the beat in my heart. I had no idea when I bought my djembe years ago at a musical festival that my connection to Africa would be WAY bigger than the beat of a drum.

Today I announce with wide open eyes and even more wide open heart, that I am an Ambassador for Africa Yoga Project. 

Over the next 12 months I will be raising $10,000 to support AYP in its mission to Educate, Empower, Elevate and Expand Employability with youth in Africa using the transformational practice of yoga. AYP's vision is to create opportunities for youth to step into their greatness and become self-sustaining leaders in their communities. 

My first look into the world of Africa Yoga Project was making friends with two teachers from Kenya, Patrick and Millie. I met them at my Baptiste Level 2 program and loved their bright smiles, amazing hugs, and overall authentic way of being.


Soon after Level 2, I became a Mentor with Africa Yoga Project and met Caroline.

Every month Caroline & I meet over Skype and create a vision, what it looks like for each of us to really BE UP TO SOMETHING. 
We set goals (like getting on the mat 5 times a week!) and have discussions about important questions like
"what STOPS me in my tracks, what do I say to myself, when I decide not to do something I really do want to do?"

I am committed to supporting Patrick, Millie, Caroline, and so many others who will go through AYP's teacher training programs and come out not just as yoga teachers, but as GLOBAL WELLBEING LEADERS in an industry that is growing quickly in Africa.

Did you know... over 70% of young people in Nairobi are unemployed? It's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you live amidst a statistic like that. Through AYP, over 250 young people, trained as teachers, are earning a living wage by teaching yoga to people who otherwise would not have the opportunity. 

For me, yoga was the light. When I found it, it gave me a sense of purpose and passion. It lit up so many parts of me that I didn't even know existed. It has showed me COMMUNITY and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and HOPE. When life seems dim, for anyone, yoga can be the lighthouseBecause of AYP, over 6,000 people participate in more than 300 community yoga classes weekly in 80 locations across 13 different African countries.

Paige, the co-founder of AYP, said something that hits the nail right on the head for me every time. It sums up my WHY: 
“Someone’s mindset, or how they see the world... the point of view in which they take in every experience... is the most powerful thing you can ever change. What I think is so unique and so powerful about Africa Yoga Project is it works from the inside out and leads people in how to approach life. And so, they go back to their own communities and have a different mindset in how they can transform their communities.” 
- Paige Elenson


I am a YES for Yoga in Africa. I am a YES for jobs, income, professionalism and entrepeneurial sustainability for young people in Africa. I am a YES for bringing hope, knowledge, and skills to African communities in 13 countries who may otherwise not have access.

TOGETHER, we are STANDING for an organization that is up to very, very BIG things...
THANK YOU for your support! 

$5000, $1,500, $125, $125, $10, $5.... it goes a long way. See the poster below! 


The Ambassador Program is an opportunity to embody service in action. We invite individuals who are up for something BIG and ready to step into leadership as a catalyst for change in the global yoga community. Becoming a part of the Ambassador team is about embodying the mission of Africa Yoga Project, building connection, and being dedicated to raising significant funds to support the use of yoga to elevate individuals and empower communities. 

Learn more and apply to become an Ambassador here

Name Date Amount Comments
DANIELLE COSGROVE 07/26/2018 $20.00  
Amber Netz 07/25/2018 $35.00 Block made by Edwin!
Tannicka Gerken 07/25/2018 $50.00 Block by Edwin
Danielle Perez 07/25/2018 $70.00  
Amber Frank 07/25/2018 $30.00 2 bracelets
Miguel Ortega 07/25/2018 $100.00  
Kelly Childers 07/25/2018 $30.00 bag and sticker
Namrata Rohack 07/25/2018 $40.00  
Susan Rokosch 07/25/2018 $25.00 bracelet 2 stickers
Karina Hahn 07/25/2018 $40.00  
Lori Drake 07/25/2018 $25.00 bracelet and two stickers
Yesenia Cashman 07/25/2018 $20.00  
Kirsten Benkert 07/25/2018 $80.00  
Maria Odonnell 07/25/2018 $35.00 block
DANIELLE COSGROVE 07/25/2018 $90.00  
Denise Peterson 07/25/2018 $60.00 4 bracelets
Tannicka Gerken 07/25/2018 $30.00 2 bracelets
DANIELLE COSGROVE 01/15/2018 $434.14 SHINE ON!!! <3
DANIELLE COSGROVE 01/11/2018 $943.32 Donation from Jess & Hannah at Second Mile Marketing
Warrior ONE 01/11/2018 $277.00 YES!
Sarah Greenberg 01/01/2018 $25.00 Love love love
Justin Statt 01/01/2018 $40.00 For the amazong work in Kenya!
Katie DeAscanis 12/06/2017 $50.00 Keep doing wonderful things
Zoe Plasencia 12/06/2017 $30.00 Keep changing lives and empowering!!’
Jennifer Coleman 12/05/2017 $100.00  
Kaley Aronson 09/25/2017 $90.00 shirts for Kaley Aronson, Meg McKee, and Sam Rothenberger
Anne Stock 09/24/2017 $30.00 :) shirt
Teresa Goodkind 09/24/2017 $60.00  
Merav Shikler 09/24/2017 $30.00  
Merav Shikler 09/24/2017 $30.00  
Michele Campofiore 09/24/2017 $30.00  
Jacalyn Barnett 09/23/2017 $516.00 Congratulations Paige Elenson on the Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Award for Global Citizenship for your incredible work
Amelia Andaleon 09/15/2017 $30.00 You go Danielle!!
Amy Devereaux 09/13/2017 $30.00  
Lisa Oplinger 09/12/2017 $60.00  
Brandy Berlin 09/11/2017 $60.00  
Linda Henninger 09/11/2017 $30.00  
Emily Byrd 09/11/2017 $40.00 Love you and Kenya! Keep up the good work!
Jennifer Huber 08/14/2017 $450.00 This donation is the proceeds from the first fundraising event I led at the Lakeland Brewing Company on 8/13/2017 https://www.facebook.com/events/1420839347999621
Allison Palmer 07/21/2017 $50.00 You're doing great things!
United Financial Group, Inc. 07/07/2017 $1,000.00  
DANIELLE COSGROVE 07/06/2017 $62.05 <3 <3 <3
Cindy and Ron Morelli 06/26/2017 $37.00 It was inspirational meeting Millie taking her yoga class and learning of her story and journey. Thank you for this opportunity! Shine On!!
Sara Flynn-Kramer 06/26/2017 $100.00  
Petra Livera 06/26/2017 $20.00  
Connie Myers 06/23/2017 $225.00  
Julie Sanchez 06/23/2017 $55.00  
Stephanie Loy 06/23/2017 $35.00 Great cause!
DANIELLE COSGROVE 06/23/2017 $805.49 AYP International Day of Yoga Fundraiser
Warrior ONE 06/22/2017 $908.00 Thanks for sending Millie to light up our studio!
Kris Zara 06/21/2017 $25.00 Best wishes. Love, the Zara family xoxo
Libby Jackson 06/21/2017 $250.00 Danielle- thanks for your energy and willingness to share.
Colleen Cotter 06/21/2017 $10.00  
Anonymous Friend 06/21/2017 $10.00  
Jennifer Huber 06/21/2017 $57.00  
Emily Cambron 06/21/2017 $37.00  
Linda Von Wolfersdorf 06/21/2017 $37.00  
Jessica Goodkind 06/21/2017 $37.00  
Julie Sanchez 06/21/2017 $57.00  
Jennifer Szczepanek 06/21/2017 $37.00  
Brooke Buchauro 06/21/2017 $37.00  
Amy Ustjanowski 06/21/2017 $80.00  
Christina Campbell 06/21/2017 $37.00  
Merav Shikler 06/21/2017 $37.00  
Judlia Piantini 06/21/2017 $37.00  
Caroline Farr 06/21/2017 $60.00 Spa Products
Meg Mcallister 06/21/2017 $37.00  
Melissa Davis 06/21/2017 $150.00  
Amy Ustjanowski 06/21/2017 $56.00 Thank You!
Lindsey Pesch 06/21/2017 $120.00  
L Andersonfrancis 06/21/2017 $37.00  
Merav Shikler 06/21/2017 $60.00  
Claudia Hough 06/21/2017 $70.00  
Gregory Higgs 06/21/2017 $385.00 THANK YOU
Libby Viau 06/21/2017 $20.00  
Judy Hines 06/21/2017 $167.00  
Emily Chung 06/21/2017 $135.00  
Christina Crossley 06/21/2017 $35.00 Thank You!!
Jedidiah Stone 06/21/2017 $180.00  
Allyson Volheim 06/20/2017 $50.00 Keep up the amazing work :-) namaste
DANIELLE COSGROVE 06/16/2017 $140.00  
Mallory Fox 05/21/2017 $100.00 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! So proud of you and so excited to support you in this journey. It comes full circle! Much love and light.
Amy Lynch 05/21/2017 $30.00  
Katie Olsen 05/19/2017 $25.00  
Leah James 05/18/2017 $50.00 Go change the world!!
Judy Hines 05/18/2017 $50.00 Stay Yoga Strong !!
Lizbeth Lieberman 05/18/2017 $25.00 Thank you for being a positive in this world and an inspiration.
Kim E 05/17/2017 $25.00 You're amazing! Get it!
Susan Murphy 05/09/2017 $50.00 Namaste
Connie Myers 05/04/2017 $250.00 Keep spreading the Yoga love!
James Driskell 05/02/2017 $50.00  
Anna Collins 05/02/2017 $25.00  
Kayla Mitchell 05/01/2017 $25.00  
Fred and Kris Zara 05/01/2017 $50.00  
Jackie Terbruggen 05/01/2017 $25.00 :)
Allison Palmer 04/21/2017 $50.00 a dollar for every mile I run next weekend!
  Total $10,780.00  
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