I first discovered yoga after a doctor recommended it to help manage chronic pain in 2000. My beginner VHS tapes with Rodney Yee and Patricia Walden were played so much that the tape would often break. I'd have to patch them up with scotch tape, making the video quality interesting as they would skip from down dog to triangle depending on how much tape I'd have to cut to piece them back together.

It wasn't until 2006 when I developed a consistent practice at a local gym and then through a studio in D.C., eventually moving to N.Y. for my work and training with Sri Dharma Mittra. Through my practice, I've found a way to help heal and mitigate back pain and other chronic issues as well as to cure minor ailments like carpel tunnel syndrome and insomnia.  Yoga has also helped me cope with some of life's major challenges, like when my father was diagnosed with lung cancer and the passing of my dog Greta, who I had for more than 13 years.  It's provided a counterbalance to my high-stress job as a finance reporter in N.Y. and brought a sense of inner peace and happiness I've not found through any other external means. I truly think yoga can help heal the world and would like to be part of this amazing program to spread those teachings as far and wide as possible.