About Me

I took my first yoga class in highschool with my parents. I tagged along to classes, not really
taking it seriously but was open to any type of physical challenge. The first place I practiced is
actually a Baptiste inspired studio, and it was unlike any other workout or sport I had tried
before. I practiced off and on when I would come home from college but it wasn’t until after I
graduated that my practice (and everything about yoga) grew into a true passion.

I was an athlete my whole life, finding gymnastics around the same time i figured out how to
walk. I dove for 4 years on the University of Pennsylvania Swimming and Diving team and
played lacrosse in highschool. After graduation, I found myself working demanding jobs in
finance and marketing, and yoga was an outlet to get upside down and out of my own head. In
2014, I decided to dig in on the the thing I looked forward to each and everyday and completed
a teacher training at Yoga Flow SF. During my training I built relationships with my fellow
trainees and teachers, and it left me wanting more. Then a new job took me back to Chicago
where I put teaching on hold as I dug into another corporate gig. Fast forward 2 years and I just
could not ignore my enthusiasm for yoga any longer.

I started teaching full-time in March 2016 at a couple studios in Chicago. I love love love a
powerful heated vinyasa flow and was searching for additional trainings to continue my yoga
education. I found that a lot of my favorite teachers completed Baptiste trainings so I jumped
right in on Level 1 in June 2016. I went on to complete Level 2 in October 2016. During these
trainings I learned about Africa Yoga Project and knew almost immediately it was something
that I wanted (actually more like needed) to be a part of. I explored the different options to get
involved, and found the opportunity to assist the April 2017 200-hour teacher training. It was a
no brainer and I committed a week after I returned from my Level 2 training!.

My Trip

My trip to Kenya is designed as a way to be of service to others. This message hits really close
to home for me growing up in a Catholic family attending a Jesuit highschool. A pillar of Jesuit
education is to be “men and women for others”, so service was always a huge part of my
upbringing. My mom is also a leader for an organization called CROSO (
which provides scholarships to Ugandan children for higher education. She’s visited the
scholars they support in Uganda and my family supports our “brother” that is in university there
by writing emails and sending pictures back and forth.

During my time in Kenya, I will be assisting new yoga teachers on their completion of a 200
hour teacher training​
. These teachers are from all over the world, and the training will be
physically, mentally and spiritually challenging.​
I am there to support their growth and
provide assistance in every way possible. We will mainly be at the AYP Shine Center in Nairobi
and will travel to teach community classes at local schools, orphanages and prisons.

What I Need From You

While I’ve had the opportunity to teach at many local studios in Chicago, I am extremely excited to be a part of a yoga community on a global scale. Yoga has given meaning to my life and fills me up in a way that absolutely nothing else does. It allows me to be my true self, a self that is powerful and incredibly excited about the opportunity to share my love of yoga with others. To me, yoga is truly about connecting people with their best and most loving selves while positively impacting the world around them. I am committed to making this happen by raising $4,000 that goes directly towards sponsoring all of AYP's work. In addition to yoga classes, contributions make other community outreach efforts possible, such as scholarships, food programs, building projects, medical assistance, and employment. This practice of Baptiste yoga can change lives whether you are in the slums of Nairobi, in a women's prison, a school, an orphanage, or at your local studio. What I am asking of you is to help me help others by contributing any amount that you are able. In doing so, you are a being of service, a being that is up to something bigger than yourself, and that in it of itself is yoga!

Thank you so so much for your support. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Handstands, hugs and happiness to you all :-)