Jo Gumbley


I have been inspired by Africa Yoga Project (AYP) ever since I first heard about the organization in 2008 from Paige Elenson, whilst I was attending my first Baron Baptiste yoga teacher training. Since meeting Paige I have been contributing and fund-raising for AYP. In 2013 I became a Mentor for an AYP teacher called Winnie. Our monthly calls have allowed me the privilege of offering support and empowerment for her teaching and her life.  I learnt a lot from Winnie.  I have just begun a new Mentoring relationship with Billy and was so inspired by our first call.  He has already created so much connection in his local community through acrobatics and yoga.


At yoga teacher trainings with Baron Baptiste I have met many AYP teachers including Margaret, Moses, and Catherine, who were able to attend these trainings thanks to the support of AYP.  I have experienced first hand how much of a difference AYP is making to so many young lives.

The vision for AYP is to create opportunities for young people to become self-sustaining and leaders in their communities. AYP delivers free yoga teacher training to marginalized youth living in Kenya’s informal settlements.  AYP has trained, empowered and now employs 71 teachers aged 18-35 that teach 6,000 people a week in 300 yoga classes. These classes are held in slums, prisons, refugee camps, orphanages and many more locations. 

The scope of AYP’s work is continually expanding, and the organization already runs women’s health programs, has built schools, a community centre, and opened The Shine Centre which offers both paid classes, as well as a free community class each Saturday which is attended by 250 people.


AYP uses the transformative power of yoga to initiate positive change from within, to empower communities and change lives for the better. I am inspired to support the change that AYP is making in the African communities. My intention is to assist the AYP 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training taking place in Nairobi in April 2015.  To do this I will raise USD $4,000 (around GBP 2,400), all of which will go towards supporting AYP to be able to continue to fund its projects, programs, and continue to support its teachers. 

I believe we all have a desire for love, peace, community and connection. 

Please support me in creating change!  Love and gratitude, Jo x

“There are only two days of the year in which nothing can be done.  One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow, so today is the right day to love, believe, do and mostly live.”  -- Dalai Lama.