Cindy Lunsford


Salama! My name is Cindy Lunsford and I was recently accepted as an Ambassador to the Africa Yoga Project. I am so excited because this program brings together two loves of mine – Africa and Yoga! As an Ambassador, I will travel to Kenya in 2014 and work with yoga teachers and aspiring yoga teachers who are making changes in their communities through the power of yoga.


I spent a good deal of time in Africa teaching English to grade school and secondary students. While living in the local communities, I was able to witness firsthand the struggles many Africans face on a daily basis. More importantly, though, I was able to appreciate the indomitable spirit of joy and positivity that allows them to thrive in the face of adversity. They are true yogis!

I continue correspondence with many of my African “family” members and students to this day. I am so grateful to Africa Yoga Project for creating this opportunity to maintain an even larger connection with Africa. I now have two adopted sons from Ethiopia and it is important to me that they know where they came from and how special a place Africa truly is.

As family members, friends, fellow yogis and human beings, please support my endeavor by donating to my page or to Africa Yoga Project in general. Yoga is more powerful than politics and together we can make a real difference.