Meaghan Mielnichuk


I have been practicing yoga for ten years and it has had such a positive impact on my life so naturally I turned my love for it into my career. Yoga is about creating unity whether it be between tribes or between communities all over the world, when it comes down to it we are all one! We are all powerful beings, and I have witnessed yoga be the catalyst to instill positive change in so many lives. I was introduced to the Africa Yoga Project through my teacher Baron Baptiste and words can not describe how touched I was by the inspiring stories both he and some of the teachers had to share. I knew instantly I wanted to help the cause, and I made it my goal to get to Africa and help the only way I know how to, spreading my love for both yoga and peace. 

The Africa Yoga Project founded by Paige Elenson, inspires positive action. It is a community based on the principles of unity, possibility, non-violence and alot of love. It was founded in 2007, shortly after the violence over the election had erupted all through Kenya and thousands were displaced and many killed as a result of the political violence. Paige was faced with a choice and she chose to stay through the war and continue to promote peace and unity in hopes to diminish tribal based aggression that was prevalent in Nairobi. Since then, the project has successfully spread into 80 locations in which over 300 community classes are offered with over 5000 participants. The Africa Yoga Project continues to provide opportunity for Kenyans with over 71 educated and employed teachers with the goal of reaching 200 by 2015.

I am so excited and honored to be a part of this project as an Ambassador and so grateful to get the opportunity to help be a part of this positive change which will surely touch so many more lives. Please help me help them to reach their goal of empowering, educating, and employing over 100 more! You too, can be a part of creating positive change in Africa, every donation big and small will contribute to the growth of this amazing project!