Nan Herron


“If you can you must!”

This Baron Baptiste directive beautifully captures my passion for yoga, and for being part of Africa Yoga Project.

I first learned of Africa Yoga Project in 2011, and was instantly captivated by its magic.  Since then I have been an AYP Mentor and Ambassador, and decided to donate to AYP all the profits from my jewelry company, Ananda Jewelry (see  Many of my pieces have nature and yoga themes, and I have designed many pendants, earrings and bracelets to be small and light to be comfortable to wear during yoga practice! I make it a point to keep my jewelry “accessibly priced” in the range of $20-$25.

Making jewelry has been a “can and must” for me throughout my life.  But, somehow, I was always puzzled by what to do with the money people gave me in exchange for my creations, since keeping it for myself just didn’t feel right.  AYP answered that question for me.

I am a psychiatrist and yoga teacher and in July 2013 will be traveling to Nairobi with a team of other researcher-volunteers to study the mental health and lifestyle benefits that yoga has brought to Nairobi. With the results of our study we can submit proposals to get foundational support.  These funds will allow AYP to endure and expand, and continue to improve and inspire the world, especially in areas where it is most needed.

I can, and must, be part of this organization.  It gives me a vision outside of my narrow niche in the world and adds an indescribable sense of perspective and meaning.  It has amazed me how small amounts of time, love and money can reach so far to connect with, and make a difference to, my AYP community across the ocean.

It is so easy for you to join me! Anytime you purchase my jewelry you become a part of this global movement to transform our world!