Carla Giambrone

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Yoga has saved my life and my spine. I was hit by a car when I was five which resulted in many broken bones, and complete immobility for six weeks. I have lived with on-going pain and imbalance in my back. I discovered Baptiste yoga in my early-forties and began teaching within six months of that first class. My spine opened up, the pain was alleviated, and I experienced greater strength and balance in my body.  Since then, my practice and my teaching have grown, and I have found an openness and lightheartedness thanks to this grounding and inspirational practice. The unlimited gifts and value of yoga keep expanding and growing for me, and I am very grateful.

Paige was one of the group leaders at my first Baptiste bootcamp in 2006. Her enthusiasm and love of yoga, and the honor she has shown to our teacher, Baron Baptiste, is infectious and inspiring.  I had the privilege of meeting three of the AYP teachers at Level 3 in Tulum recently, and they shared openly how their teaching has changed their lives, supports them, and gives them a powerful vision for their future. There couldn't be a more shining example of the power of yoga, and the strength of the organization that is AYP. I am thrilled to be a key support researcher with my fellow Research Mission participants. I am in the process of pursuing a Ph.D., and this research will contribute to the body of work that exists on the effects of yoga, its efficacy and power. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to gather this research firsthand, and contribute on every level. I also can't wait to be in community with AYP, and to see Paige, Catherine, Moses and Billy again! 

The chance to travel to Kenya, to see and experience AYP in action, to connect with all those who have been touched by it, and to participate in a scientific recording of its influence and effects is a dream come true. The support of my family, friends, community,  and the corporations with whom I am associated, is a blessing beyond measure and touches my heart deeply. Thank you so much for your support, your contribution, and most of all,  your love.