Research 2013 - Brooke Easton


I arrived to my first yoga class with the same intention as most first timers. I wanted a good work out.  If anyone told me my life would be how it is now because of that first class I would have never believed them.


Teaching yoga has opened me up to amazing possibility. I realized the limitations that we place on ourselves, and how often we stop ourselves before we even start. 

Africa Yoga Project (AYP) is possibility.  As lofty as it may sound it is evidence that we can change the world. AYP has created community in Kenya, but what I have quickly realized is that is also holds the possibility to create community and change here.  The Africa Yoga Project is not just limited to Africa, but creates ties and connection between communities across the globe.


I am raising money to go to Kenya through AYP as a part of a research team with the intention of establishing empirical evidence of the change happening as a result of their efforts.  Through a Concept Mapping research study we will be showing possible funders of AYP how yoga is creating community, possibility, and empowering people to generate change.  Everyone says yoga transforms their life, but through our research it will no longer be an anecdote on a piece of paper but solid scientific evidence that this stuff really works!