Research 2013 - Jessalyn Klein


            Raised on the campus of the non-profit yoga/wellness organization for which my parents work - yoga has been a part of me for as long as I can remember.  Yoga has helped me to integrate so many aspects of my life - my mind and body, my goals and actions, myself and the world.  Having experienced the power of yoga, there was no question that I wanted further integration between my passions and my career, so I chose to pursue graduate studies in counseling psychology.  As a psychologist-in-training, I pass the power of yoga on to my clients and aspire to validate the therapeutic effects of yoga through my research. 

            I am moved by the Africa Yoga Project's efforts to pass the power of yoga on abroad, and by the connection this has made between students and teachers, East and West.  Everyone involved is given the opportunity for self-study, self-care, growth and community. 

            Clearly, AYP is doing meaningful work already.  In an increasingly evidenced-based world though, empirical data to back-up the positive changes participants report is important.  I am raising money to fund a research project that entails me and a team of co-investigators travelling from New York to Kenya to examine the impact AYP has had on those involved.  My hope is that conducting this outcome research will enhance the legitimacy of yoga as a therapeutic modality, making yoga-based health promotion projects more widespread across the globe. 


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