Research 2013 - Catherine and Jerry Cottone


My husband, Jerry Cottone, and I discovered yoga in 2000 through the Himalayan Institute in Buffalo, NY. With two young daughters, Chloe and Maya, we had just finished graduate school and were searching for growth, healing, and inspiration. We have been practicing yoga ever since. Yoga brings health, love, and amazing community (Power Yoga Buffalo) into our lives. Yoga shows us anything is possible. As inspired yogis, we’re bringing together a team of researchers  in July of 2013 to document the transformative work of Africa Yoga Project (AYP).  It is our goal to record AYP’s impact using a scientific method that honors the voices of the teachers and students of AYP.

What exactly are we going to do? The mission of the research trip is to conduct Concept Mapping research that quantifies the benefits of the Africa Yoga Project. We will travel from Buffalo, NY and Boston, MA to Kenya to study how AYP changes the lives of both students and teachers. This research will document the effects of yoga and the associated community empowerment that is changing lives. It will also provide a new opportunity to 5 AYP teachers who will join our research team as paid assistants and gain hands on experience and research skills. The outcome reports they help produce will be given to AYP to show supporters and funders what AYP does and the breadth of their impact. The results will be published in scientific journals and the scientific world will see the power of AYP.

Africa Yoga Project illustrates the power of yoga. In Kenya, AYP has empowered individuals and changed communities in profound ways, inspiring greater hope, joy, living wage, health, and community. We want to hear how this affects the students and the teachers and to help their voices be heard so this project can inspire other outreach projects in communities like Buffalo's East and West sides. Help us amplify the voice of change!