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My world changed when I met Catherine and Moses, two AYP teachers, at my level 2 teacher training with Baron Baptiste in May 2010. I came home and started fundraising for Africa Yoga Project after hearing their stories and what they are up to. I had no idea the journey I was about to embark on, I just knew I was a big YES! 
I created a regular fundraising initiative called the Yoga Jam Events in Whistler BC. They were immediately popular and well attended and I managed to raise about $12,000 before heading to Africa to see the funds at work.
I visited Africa Yoga Project in November 2011 with the intention to share all that I have to offer. As a graphic designer I recognized AYP's need for a global presence and I saw that one gap was professional photography. I got busy fundraising again to buy a ticket for a photographer I hugely admire, Robin O'Neill. She joined me in Nairobi and we got to work. Since then I have deepened my commitment to AYP and I work as their graphic designer, developing and designing their brand, designing their website, all print collateral, clothing design as well as social media posts. 
I plan to return to Africa to connect with this amazing family! I am so honoured to work with such vibrant, giving people. I continue to fundraise because I believe with all my heart that yoga is the way to peace. One breath at a time, we can help others.
Please participate in a Yoga Jam Event or donate to this campaign! Your support is felt like ripples on a great ocean of generosity.
Much love,


Africa Yoga Project delivers global wellbeing in and from Africa. We practice and teach Yoga with a deep conviction that the potential to change the world lives in each of us. Our bodies and minds must be connected in order to create lasting change. We deliver tools to bring wellbeing to the world, one body at a time.

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