Thank you for visiting my fundraising page!

The Africa Yoga Project has inspired a deep part of my heart and soul.

I journeyed to Nairobi, Kenya with the Africa Yoga Project Seva Safari group in March this year. The experience infused me with so much energy to be an integral part of AYP’s model of empowerment and positive change through the practice of yoga. I feel inspired and activated to grow with the work that Africa Yoga Project continues to share in communities in East Africa.

Our Seva Safari team accomplished 3 great projects in March 2012: We painted a school and built a shelter at the Women’s Prison, we built a playground at the Kibera School for Girls and community toilets in Kibera which is the largest slum in Nairobi. The financial resources flowing through AYP are so strategically and effectively utilized.

I am so excited to continue fundraising for this highly effective and positive organization. My intention is to travel to Nairobi this Fall and participate in the Ambassador Program. I will be offering a week of classes on professionalizing their yoga teaching skills in order to attract private clients and grow their yoga community. I will also be working one on one with an AYP teacher to participate and support their yoga classes in their outreach communities.

I feel a deep connection with the positive force of change on this planet through Africa Yoga Project. The teachers and students integrating with AYP have given me a sense of hope and excitement for creating a world of health, peace, and equality. I truly fell in love with the culture and the people in Kenya. I was emotionally moved by the Africa Yoga Project teachers’ stories. Each one of the teachers has a motivating story of transformation from hopelessness and poverty to nonviolence and radiant positivity.

I want to continue to grow this community and I appreciate your support in creating equality in the world. We are making a difference. It is impossible not to!

Asante Sana (Thank You very much)

Many blessings and much love on your journey ~