Alexandra's Africa Yoga Project - When people help people, change happens.
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Alexandra's Africa Yoga Project - When people help people, change happens.
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Hello! My name is Alexandra Negulescu and I will be volunteering in a project with Africa Yoga Project (AYP) in Nairobi, Kenya April 16-27th, 2019. My goal is to raise $4000 by April 2019. Through this project, I will be assisting the annual 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training held for over 50 young men and women from Africa. 100% of all the donations I raise will go towards the Africa Yoga Project (the cost of my personal trip is completely seperate).

A key element of the Africa Yoga Project program is the outreach yoga classes where the instructors both give back to the community and hone their skills as a yoga instructor. Africa Yoga Project teachers are reaching over 6000 people a week in the 300 free community classes.  AYP in over 80 locations throughout the informal settlements of Nairobi which includes schools, orphanages, deaf centers, special needs schools, prisons, and HIV/AIDs treatment centers. Each of the teachers is committed to sharing yoga with 5 outreach classes per week. They empower them to find the outreach classes themselves within their own communities which creates connection


It all started 3 years ago when I've decided to take a 200-hour teacher training to feed my curiosity about yoga. Yoga helped me win the battle over a serious depression. At the end of the teacher training I started to teach yoga to empower and help other people in the same way yoga helped me. After a couple of months I've met the owners of Power Yoga Romania who introduced me to their style of yoga, Baptiste Yoga. Fell in love with this style of yoga and went to my first Baptiste Yoga training, Level One: Journey into Power. The experience was so amazing and it made me realized how powerful I am. After this training made a firm decision on teaching this style of yoga and made the commitment to do this as a full time job. No more other distractions. Level Two: The Sannyasin's Journey followed naturally in the same year. I was eager to discover something new about myself and how I can make an impact in other people's lives. None of these trainings would have been possible without the help of other people. They become a reality, through fundraising and for the first time in my life I have felt the love and support of a true community. The time to give back has come for me and attending this program is about helping and empowering other people's lives.

I love practicing and teaching yoga. It has changed my life in so many positive ways and I need your help to empower other people's lives.


$10 provides clean drinking water for 5 free outreach classes in Kenya.
$25 brings 1 outreach class to a marginalized community.
$30 sponsors one sign language interpreter to empower 20 deaf children through yoga.
$50 buys 20 yoga mats for one of the AYP free outreach yoga classes.
$75 provides one yoga class and lunch for 30 prisoners.
$125 funds a month salary of one Africa Yoga Project teacher to empower others through yoga.
$1,000 sponsors 4 Kenyan youth in a comprehensive and transformational week long yoga teacher training.

Please also consider sharing this post if you know other people who may be moved by the AYP's mission.

Be part of something bigger than yourself.

Love and light,


ABOUT 2019 Teacher Training

Africa Yoga Project is excited to announce the opportunity to be part of Kenya's annual 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training! You will have the opportunity to earn your 200 hour yoga teacher training certificate in Kenya while contributing to our mission of educating youth from East Africa through teacher training. Our goal is to train over fifty new yoga teachers!

The Africa Yoga Project Expand Your Power 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is your chance to join a committed community who are using the transformational tools of yoga to change lives. This unparalleled training is for those who wish to deepen their practice, teach yoga and inspire others. Expand Your Power is an intensive Baptiste Yoga training focused on an in-depth understanding of the methodology of Baptiste Power Yoga asana and assisting, yoga anatomy, physiology and philosophy, meditation, connecting with your class and practical teaching experience with feedback. The curriculum is in accordance with Yoga Alliance requirements. You will leave ready to teach!

Expand Your Power Teacher Training with Africa Yoga Project is a 12 day training and service trip to Kenya for everyone. You will experience exponential personal growth, practice and learn shoulder to shoulder, with new Africa Yoga Project teachers, emerging leaders and other powerful people from around the world while witnessing the energy of the organization’s programs in Nairobi.

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