Welcome to my Fundraising Page!
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Welcome to my Fundraising Page!

No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of another.
-- Charles Dickens

I'm Jaimee, a PhD scientist in molecular biology, yogi & yoga teacher, and ambassador for the Africa Yoga Project. Have you ever had a moment when you've come across something big that you just had to be a part of? 

During my 200 hour yoga teacher training, one of our instructors told us the incredible story of Paige Elenson, founder of the Africa Yoga Project. While on safari with her family, she jumped from the safety of their jeep to join some people doing acrobatics by the side of the road. From this brief moment of connection, the Africa Yoga Project was born. I was intrigued by the story and the organization, and as luck would have it, AYP's Handstands, Hugs and Happiness tour came to my yoga studio a few months later.

A lot of people that I meet at the yoga studio found yoga at particularly rough times in their lives-- it has helped them get through loss and trauma, decrease their stress, and given them the tools to cope with life. But when the HHH tour came to Boulder, I met two people whose lives had literally been saved by yoga. Growing up in the slums of Nairobi, Kevin and Nicole faced violence, crime, and conditions that would be truly unimaginable to those of us in the US. The opportunity to become yoga teachers with AYP pulled them out of the terrible conditions they were in, gave them a job and a purpose, and truly allowed them to share their light with others. 

After meeting these two amazing people, I knew I had to help others like them have access to yoga and the incredible opportunities provided by AYP. I have committed to raising $10,000 for this incredible organization-- with this amount, AYP can permanently change the lives of more young Africans like Kevin and Nicole. 


The Africa Yoga Project is a not-for-profit organization that educates, empowers, elevates and expands employability with youth in Africa using the transformational practice of yoga. AYP is helping young people in Kenya, and now 13 other countries, to increase their employability and tap into the economic opportunities of the wellness industry. More than that, this organization is giving youth from the slums an opportunity to change their circumstances, share their light, and become leaders within their communities.

Over 6,000 people participate in 300 community yoga classes offered by the Africa Yoga Project every week. More than 200 young people have been trained to be yoga teachers through the Africa Yoga Project and are earning a living wage by teaching yoga to people who would otherwise not have the opportunity. 


Have you ever wanted to give away $1,000? That is the average annual income in Kenya-- only $1,000. Here in the US, the average annual income is $50,000. So if you think about it, a $20 donation to AYP is the equivalent of giving $1000 in Kenya.

Where does your donation go?
$5 buys a yoga mat for an outreach location
$10 provides clean drinking water for 5 free outreach classes
$25 sponsors a yoga class for a group of marginalized youth
$125 sponsors a monthly stipend for one teacher to attend the AYP Academy
$2,500 trains a young African man or woman as a new yoga teacher

Your donation could help a young mother struggling to feed her child or keep a young man from stealing to support his family. Every little bit counts, and the more support AYP receives, the more help they can give to those in need in Africa.

Ready to help change lives? Click the green Donate button!


The Ambassador Program is an opportunity to embody service in action. We invite individuals who are up for something BIG and ready to step into leadership as a catalyst for change in the global yoga community. Becoming a part of the Ambassador team is about embodying the mission of Africa Yoga Project, building connection, and being dedicated to raising significant funds to support the use of yoga to elevate individuals and empower communities. 

Learn more and apply to become an Ambassador here

Name Date Amount Comments
Peter Michaelsen 03/27/2018 $50.00  
Laura Schwecherl 03/22/2018 $30.00  
Jaimee Hoefert 03/13/2018 $855.00 Proceeds from AYP Fundraiser at the Rayback!
Maura Downey 03/12/2018 $25.00 Sounds like the fundraiser was a blast! ❤️
Carrie Stone 03/10/2018 $25.00 Would have loved to be able to make this awesome event! Thanks so much for being part of this amazing organization.
Eric & Cheryl Hoefert 03/10/2018 $50.00  
Stacy & Ryan Blatz 03/10/2018 $50.00  
James/Jane Hoefert 03/10/2018 $200.00  
Karen Erhardt-Martinez 03/10/2018 $100.00 Wishing you the best experience ever! Say hi to Kevin and Nicole!
Aesa Reed 03/10/2018 $200.00 GO Auntie Jaimee!!
Caroline Colt 03/10/2018 $1,000.00 Congratulations on your successful event at the Rayback. We were so excited to partner with you and support this cause!
PAE Consulting Engineers Inc 02/02/2018 $100.00  
David Mandelbaum 01/29/2018 $100.00  
Laura Schwecherl 01/23/2018 $20.00 Go Jaimee! This is an amazing organization!! SO COOL you're going!
Theresa Church 01/23/2018 $15.00 So happy to have met you. Love what you do!
Sean Baker 01/20/2018 $25.00 :)
Lynsay Russell 01/15/2018 $100.00 So proud of you girl! You are doing amazing work in this world!
Aesa Reed 11/09/2017 $100.00  
Tina Truitt 09/23/2017 $20.00 You are the greatest!
Amber Munio 09/23/2017 $30.00 I'm so proud of Adam and the rest of the Ambassadors! Keep making a difference! The world needs you!
Lisa Oplinger 09/23/2017 $200.00 Thank you so much for the amazing work you do!!!
Elaine Hollingsworth 09/23/2017 $20.00  
Tim Keith 09/23/2017 $30.00 Good Luck AYP!! ✌️
Tina Lamanna 09/23/2017 $10.00 Thanks for being you Ashley!
Robert Rollings 09/23/2017 $100.00 Way to go Adam!!
Sarah Shaw 09/23/2017 $50.00 So proud to be a part of this community of Ambassadors xx
Bonnie Vozar 09/23/2017 $56.00 keep up the good work!!
David Mandelbaum 09/18/2017 $100.00  
Linday Hoefert 08/28/2017 $125.00  
Anonymous Friend 07/27/2017 $100.00  
  Total $3,886.00  
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